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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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AngularJS to Angular - history & tips to get started!
Are you familiar with AngularJS? Have you ever tried out Angular 2 or would you like to pick up one of the top front-end frameworks? This is the perfect time to dive into Angular and here are some tips to start!
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In the news
...and still, MobX 5 will be even more awesome 😺
Tools & libraries
A flexible and fun JavaScript file upload library, now with the MIT license!
Simple and easy way to view the content of font files.

Tutorials & guides
In this intro we will progressively build up a simple app that pings a mock API to see how MobX works with React, and then make a MobX + React Kanban board to show off the power of MobX!
Third-party scripts provide a wide range of useful functionality, making the web more dynamic. Learn how to optimize the loading of third-party scripts to reduce their impact on performance.
Over the years we've designed components that enable users to magnify, swipe, and pan around images in a wide variety of ways. Early on, it was tricky to build these components in ways that used image sizes responsibly, and we'd sometimes end up delivering larger images than we'd prefer–ensuring that the image would at least be sharp across all devices.
CSS. It's a web designer's playpen. With so many colors, type settings, layout options, and responsive possibilities, it's easy to turn a stylesheet into a million line nightmare. However, with a few simple actions you can clean up the mess so the CSS works with you, not against you.
React Native vs Ionic is the biggest point of debate when it comes to evaluation of cross-platform frameworks. In this article, we will evaluate React native vs ionic performance, user experience and much more.

Loading speed, usability, readability — all are important factors for the UX of your website. But would it be enough for modern web users?

This article is going to explain the problem, the old workaround, the new magic Houdini solution and, finally, will offer you a feast of eye candy through better looking examples than those used to illustrate concepts.
For beginners
Although, apparently, in both equals — double ==  and triple === — there is a difference of only one equal = symbol, but it mattes a lot.
Hello from the server side
Deployment, monitoring, and caching with GraphQL
A CSS-only happy/sad toggle
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