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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Is Vanilla JavaScript worth learning? Absolutely.
The purpose of this post is to emphasize the importance of JavaScript fundamentals for every front-end developer.
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Headless mode is a useful way to run Firefox, which is just as it sounds — Firefox is run as normal, except without any of the UI components visible. This may not be very useful for surfing the web, but it is very useful for automated testing.

Tools & libraries
Advanced performant Lazy Loader using Intersection Observer API

Tutorials & guides
Delivering CSS & JS on your websites is completely different with HTTP/2, and here is a guide on how Trevor has done it.

The seeming complexity of requestAnimationFrame unfortunately scares many designers away: as a low-level API, it doesn’t provide much by default, resulting in boilerplate code that might initially seem disproportionate for the most basic effects. But once you grasp the few fundamental concepts, you enter a whole new world of possibilities. Let’s demystify this fantastic animation tool!
In 2013, DataFox chose CoffeeScript over ECMAScript 5 because it improved developer productivity. It smoothed over many of the bad parts of JavaScript and provided syntax to make common patterns more idiomatic: class definitions, fat arrow functions, and more. Four years later, a lot has changed in the world of JavaScript, including many improvements to the language itself.
Forms on the web don't usually play nice with bad connections. If you try to submit a form while offline, you'll most likely just lose your input. Here's how we might fix that.

“CSS Modules” is nothing to do with the W3C, rather part of a suggested build process. It compiles your project, renaming the selectors and classes so that they become unique, scoped to individual components

Let’s not overcomplicate BEM with unnecessary additions that actually make it worse.
As progressive web apps become more popular, navigation has become fraught with peril. It's common for apps to make tens of requests to render a single page. Asynchronously loaded page elements shift click targets, resulting in a usability nightmare.
Engaging new users through writing better documentation
For beginners
In this post, David goes over the iterable and iterator protocols and show some examples of making your own objects iterable so that they can be used with the for...of loop or the spread operator.

Pulsating cubes made with Web
The basics of data compression and how Youtube, Netflix and Spotify stream your stuff.

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