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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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JavaScript got better while I wasn’t looking
JavaScript was created in seven days, about eight thousand years ago. It was pretty rough, and it stayed rough for most of its life. But that was fine, because no one used it for anything besides having a trail of sparkles follow your mouse on their Xanga profile.
Then people discovered you could actually do a handful of useful things with JavaScript, and it saw a sharp uptick in usage.
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In the news
Mozilla is announcing a plan that grows collaboration with Microsoft, Google, and other industry leaders on MDN Web Docs. The goal is to consolidate information about web development for multiple browsers – not just Firefox.

Tools & libraries
Client side accessibility error scanner.

A multi-threaded JavaScript runtime

Tutorials & guides
Here are some tips on making sure that big refactor projects go smoothly, based on authors experience working on a large and complex codebase. Let's begin!
The point today is to talk about building an experimental CSS-only image gallery, which doesn’t break the experience even on older browsers. The point of an image gallery is to view images.
BEM is a kind of superhero — it keeps the world of CSS safe from mess and clutter.

Tree-shaking is one of the really cool things about modern JavaScript build systems. It uses some fairly cool techniques to understand and then optimize your code.
Jumping on a new trend is risky business, both in fashion and web design! Here is why trends often hurt the user experience and exclude users with disabilities.

With this new cross-platform app, you can spend more time meeting users' needs and less time worrying about your choice of smartphone.

Raymond Camden explains the steps he's taken to wean himself off a dependence on jQuery for a number of common front-end development tasks.

For beginners
Three implementation variations of testing doubles with examples.

Hello from the server side
Why do you, as an SEO, care to know more about HTTP protocols? The short answer is that none of your SEO efforts matter or can even be done without a basic understanding of HTTP protocol.
Netflix style text animation with CSS and a SCSS function to have the long text shadow...
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