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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Software rot and the case for the PWA rewrite
Companies that have legacy desktop apps should consider writing the next version of that app as a PWA.

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In the news
Beginning with EdgeHTML 17.17063, we have enabled Service Workers and push notifications by default in preview builds of Microsoft Edge.
Gather round for some news that’s really going to shake your tree!

Tools & libraries
The most known way to travel in space and time

Normalize browsers' default style

Tutorials & guides
Github is the source of truth for most Angular demos, examples, prototypes, and “real world” projects. However, downloading & initializing these projects locally can take a looooong time- which makes them difficult to share with others.
This post is about converting old APIs like requestAnimationFrame to modern, Promise-based APIs.
We saw a pretty big event take place over the weekend where a 3rd party provider was compromised and their JS library was altered. The alteration introduced a crypto mining script that was then subsequently included on over 4,000 websites that I know of, many of which were Government

JavaScript has had a lot of improvements lately with new syntax and features being added all the time. But some things don't change, everything is still an object, pretty much everything can be altered at runtime and there is no concept of public/private properties.
Google Chrome will soon begin to block ads on some websites by default.
We all want to load images fast on the web. Choosing the right image format, optimizing the quality and using responsive images are important tasks, but what can we do beyond that?

Single-page applications are everywhere. Even blogs, simple html pages, have turned into big fat monsters...
For beginners
The initial keyword is a real mystery for a lot of developers. It is something like a reset for CSS properties.

Hello from the server side
What happens if you don’t handle a rejected promise in Node.js? How can you debug that?
3D environment fly-through built using HTML and CSS transforms

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