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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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You Already Use Types - So Here's Why You Should Use a Type System
Even if you are a skeptic about type systems, you probably already use one in your code. However, because you refuse to use a formal type system, you are missing out on better tooling that takes advantage of the type work you do anyway, and that the open source community can do for you.
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Web developers spend a good amount of time making web compatibility decisions. Deciding whether or not to use a web platform feature often depends on its availability in web browsers.
Libs & tools
Fake setTimeout and friends (collectively known as "timers"). Useful in your JavaScript tests.
Tooltips are not only hard to use, but they're normally totally unnecessary. Learn why that is and what you could do instead.
If you come from traditional, strongly typed languages you might be familiar with the concept of void: A type telling you that functions and methods return nothing when called.
void exists in both JavaScript as an operator and in TypeScript as a primitive type. And in both worlds void works a little bit different than most people are used to.
So, you want to create amazing data visualizations on the web and you keep hearing about D3.js. But what is D3.js, and how can you learn it? Let’s start with the question: What is D3?
There is a possible "React Native Web Singularity", when it starts being a better standalone choice for developing for the mobile web than react-dom. If this speculation comes true, this would be gamechanging.
For beginners
Array.from() transforms array-like objects to arrays, generates ranges, removes arrays duplicates, initializes and clones arrays.
Hello from the server side
It’s tempting to assume that all packages in the npm registry are safe to use.
The vast majority of packages are safe… but, some aren’t. And, some packages that used to be safe can become compromised. Even in a safe neighborhood, it’s best to lock your car.