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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The Widening Responsibility for Front-End Developers
"I don’t think I’ve talked to a single developer who told me they felt entirely comfortable with the entire world of building websites. Everybody has weak spots or entire areas where they just don’t know the first dang thing. You not only can specialize, but specializing is a pretty good idea, and I think you will end up specializing to some degree whether you plan to or not. If you have the good fortune to plan, pick things that you like. You’ll do just fine."
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Libs, Tools & References
An extensive guide on how to style for RTL in CSS.
The File System Access API enables developers to build powerful web apps that interact with files on the user's local device, like IDEs, photo and video editors, text editors, and more. After a user grants a web app access, this API allows them to read or save changes directly to files and folders on the user's device.
"AWS Amplify is a collection of tools from AWS to help you build applications. Allow me to set the stage here to try to make that as clear as I know how."
Recently, we have seen an uptick of JavaScript tools being written in languages other than JavaScript. This blog post lists a few examples and explains the appeal of not using JavaScript.
Amazingly, this can now be done in CSS without much trickery. You can jump right to the new solution if you like, but first, let’s look at how we used to do it.
By reading this tutorial, you'll learn how to end-to-end encrypt data in web applications using nothing but JavaScript and the Web Crypto API, which is a native browser API.
An elegant solution to a tricky modern layout.
Angular is declarative in nature. Learn how to make your code adhere to this approach by eliminating internal manually managed states & optimize performance.
For beginners
The main purpose of this article is to learn everything you need to know about CSS variables with lots of examples and use-cases.
Hello from the server-side
This article assesses the type safety of popular TypeScript ORMs, query builders, and database libraries.
This example shows how a bunch of elements can be aligned around an arbitrary element called the pivot.