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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Browser Wars
In June of 1995, representatives from Microsoft arrived at the Netscape offices. The stated goal was to find ways to work together—Netscape as the single dominant force in the browser market and Microsoft as a tech giant just beginning to consider the implications of the Internet. Both groups, however, were suspicious of ulterior motives.
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"Sometimes when I'm learning a new paradigm, it's the seemingly simplest things that can trip me up. I often overlook certain concepts because they seem tricky at first.
TypeScript Generics is one of those concepts."
Good alt text means that screen reader users get the same 'meaning' from the page as a fully sighted user. But sometimes that's easier said than done.
"It was an ordinary Saturday when my girlfriend and myself decided to visit Abbey Pumping Station Museum in Leicester while waiting for the mechanic to fix our car. Massive beam engines to support local sewage systems and all that is super cool, but something that caught my attention was Moya No. 1 typewriter machine from 1902. Typewrites fascinate me a lot, but something that triggered my curiosity was the @ sign. Surely email addresses and Twitter were not a thing back then."
With the release of Next.js 12, Vercel Edge Functions have been announced, allowing forsuper speedy edge-optimised functions. They can also be used as helpful Next.js middleware functions.In this article I'll explain what they are & how to use them, before diving into a few examples.
"Just ran across îles, a new static site generator mostly centered around Vue. The world has no particular shortage of static site generators, but it’s interesting to see what this “next generation” of SSGs seem to focus on or try to solve."
A few months ago we saw a post on the r/programminghorror subreddit: A developer describes the struggle of identifying a syntax error resulting from an invisible Unicode character hidden in JavaScript source code. This post inspired an idea: What if a backdoor literally cannot be seen and thus evades detection even from thorough code reviews?

For beginners
React Hook feature was first introduced on React 16.8 update and became immensely popular among developers due to its capabilities. It allows you to hook into React state and lifecycle features. And, sometimes, it could be challenging when using it for advanced use cases.
Change to dark mode using blink detection with TensorFlow and face landmark detection model