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Reducing The Need For Pseudo-Elements
For years, pseudo-elements have faithfully helped front-end developers implement creative designs. While they still have an important place, we can now leave pseudo-elements behind in some scenarios, thanks to newer CSS properties.
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"We've got a new package, action parameters, default values, target lifecycle callbacks, debug mode, utility-CSS support, and Controller.shouldLoad. Let's dig into what's new!"
In this article, we briefly talk about what's new in React 18.
Libs, tools & references
Browse 88 CSS code snippets for all your development needs on 30 seconds of code.
Appwrite provides web and mobile developers with a set of easy-to-use and integrate REST APIs to manage their core backend needs.
Using units that are relative to the container size
Index signatures in TypeScript let's you annotate objects of unknown structure.
Custom hooks are essential to implementing logic flows and making any React app interactive. This article will cover 3 approaches to implementing customs hooks in React and analyze their level of readability.
If you go to the App Store on your iPhone, there are many browsers to choose from. And with the latest version of iOS, you can even set these browsers as the default browser. So why are some people complaining about browser choice on iOS?
For beginners
What does declarative mean and what is the opposite of declarative?