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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Why React is Overhyped
React is extremely popular, but why is it so popular and is that a bad thing?
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Libs, tools & references
Zero-runtime-dependency package acting as bridge between Node projects and their package managers.
Testing utilities that allow you to reuse your Storybook stories in your React unit tests!
タスク — The minimal task runner for Node.js

Learn how to set up the MediaStream API on your apps to allow users to record audio tracks, listen to them, and upload them to your site.
CSS Variables are really cool, and they're incredibly powerful when it comes to React! This tutorial shows how we can use them with React to create dynamic themes. We'll see how to get the most out of CSS-in-JS tools like styled-components, and how our mental frame around media queries has been wrong all along.
There are way too many options in Web Animations API to pick them up that easily. Learning how timing works and how to control the playback of several animations at once makes for a solid foundation on which to base your projects on.
How to use use position:absolute less by leveraging modern CSS...
How do you write out interfaces without a .ts file? Glad you asked.
"Ok, before you start screaming at your screen and open your Twitter client to shout at me, hear me out..."