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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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You should stop using parseInt()
"This is something I see all the times, you have some code where at some point you have a variable that contains a number, maybe it comes from a form, or from the results of some API calls, or whatever, and you want convert it into an integer."
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Debugging in CSS means figuring out what might be the problem when you have unexpected layout results. We’ll look at a few categories bugs often fit into, see how we can evaluate the situation, and explore techniques that help prevent these bugs.
Starting with the next version of Microsoft Edge, they are running an experiment that allows you to use Visual Studio Code as the editor of the in-browser Developer Tools. Here’s a three minute video explaining why they think this is a good idea.
Writing CSS has probably never been more fun and exciting than it is today. In this post we’ll take a look at common problems and use cases we all have to face in our work and how to solve them with modern CSS.
A “dark pattern” is a deceptive UX pattern that tricks users into doing things they may not really want to do. In this article, Alvaro Montoro does a little experiment to find out how much privacy is taken away from users across three different browsers.
Native CSS will support CSS nesting. What will that look like? What are its advantages? Learn more about native CSS nesting in this post.
TypeScript is a big Superset of JavaScript which has many features which might not be shown in every beginner tutorial. This post has three of them to make your life easier learning TypeScript.
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Should some links look like buttons, or should some buttons look like links? Twitter was all up in arms about this issue this week. Let’s take a look to see what these two UI elements are and what they do, and then, how they can look.