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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Developer Tools secrets that shouldn’t be secrets
"This is a talk that I’ve given at CityJS this September. I am a principal product manager for developer tools in Microsoft Edge and these are things I encountered during working on the tools, documenting them and going through user feedback."
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"We’re back with the brand new release of Angular v13 to share with all of you! This latest release brings all sorts of updates and features to help your teams build great apps."
At its Ignite conference, Microsoft today announced an update to Excel that brings a new JavaScript API to the venerable spreadsheet app. With this new API, developers will be able to create custom data types and functions based on them.
Learn how to use CSS Variable and prefers-reduced-motion media feature to remove or minimize animations and transitions on global scale.
"I didn’t realize the support for @supports determining selector support was so good! I usually think of @supports as a way to test for property: value pair support. But with the selector() function, we can test for selector support as well."
3 great ways to write helpful hyperlink text.
If you're programming, you're already an API designer. Good code is modular and each module has an API.

If a module is successful, it will be used and reused. Hence, you're no longer free to change it at will
If you think in terms of APIs when you program, you'll write more high-quality code.
In this comprehensive, up-to-date tutorial, you'll learn everything you need to know to build production ready apps with React Router.
Hello from the server-side
Errors happen in every application. Devs have to decide: do you write code to handle the error? Suppress it? Notify the user? Report it to the team?
The Squid Game challenges recreated in pure CSS