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Apple Is Trying to Kill Web Technology
The company has made it extremely difficult to use web-based technology on its platforms, and it hopes developers won’t bother
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TypeScript 3.7 release is packed with awesome new language, compiler, and tooling features.
There are several clues concerning the importance Microsoft attaches to React Native. One is that it is already being used by the Office team. If you right-click in the latest Word, for example, and add a comment, the pop-up box that appears is written in React Native.
Libs & tools
A comprehensive list of CSS features and their positions in the process of becoming implemented web standards.
In this article, Rachel Andrew looks at some common layout patterns that we can’t yet do on the web and the CSS Specifications that might let us achieve them in the future.
JavaScript fails to work for lots of people. Learn why that is as well as how to combat it in this article.
The hardest part about restructuring a Typescript project is updating all the import paths. While many of our favourite editors can help us, there is a powerful option hiding away in the typescript compiler options that removes this issue entirely.
The Angular 9 RC is out, what an exciting time to be Angular developer - Ivy is here, Ivy is now the default rendering engine in Angular.
For beginners
Learn how the delete operator deals with configurable and non-configurable properties, and much more.