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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Are Tests Necessary in TypeScript?
Execute Program ported their React frontend from JavaScript to TypeScript. It was a success; large classes of mistakes became impossible. But one might wonder: can the same be achieved with full test coverage instead?
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Libs & Tools
Free cloud service for Storybook that helps teams review user interfaces together.
🌍 All in one i18n extension for VS Code.
A blog post about drawing a single-element dollar bill with CSS and a little bit of JavaScript.
With more and more sites gaining support for dark mode and adding very pretty toggles to their design, it’s important to implement them correctly. Unfortunately most sites do not and as a result their toggle is broken.
This post walks through the process of combining Storybook, Cypress and Jest code coverage, and an explanation of why you may want to do this.
Front-end development is quite a complex discipline and one hardly ever needs only a browser and code editor. This blogpost contains post a list of tools Tomas Pustelnik uses as a front-end developer.
For beginners
The biggest difference between someone that has mastered a language, framework or tool and someone who hasn’t lies in the mental models they use. By having a good mental model you can intuitively understand complex problems much faster than if you had to find a solution with a step-by-step process.
Hello form the server side
In this article, Aleem Isiaka explains how the internals of Node.js interact with one another and explores the project repository for Node.js on GitHub.