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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Beyond The Browser: From Web Apps To Desktop Apps
Thanks to powerful new APIs at our disposal, you’ll see that developing a desktop app is not as scary as it sounds. This article explains how to get started.

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In the news
Angular version 4.0.0 - invisible-makeover - is now available. This is a major release following the announced adoption of Semantic Versioning, and is backwards compatible with 2.x.x for most applications.
Next.js is a very slim yet powerful framework. Place React components in a pages directory and running next, and you'll get automatic code splitting, routing, hot code reloading and universal (server-side and client-side) rendering.
Tools & libraries
Based on the ember-cli, Angular CLI 1.0.0 is here!
Tutorials & guides
Owen is experimenting with developing directly on Windows after switching, and here’s the best setup he's found so far for getting things done — Bash on Windows can basically do everything.

Gajendar Singh walks you through HTML5 custom data attributes, why they're useful, how to style them with CSS and manipulate them with JavaScript and jQuery

Since our industry is awesome, we don’t only have one recommended solution. Experts have jumped in and provided us with suggestions like BEM, OOCSS, SMACSS, Atomic Design and many others.
Now, instead of suffering from “I don’t know what to do”, the question becomes: “there’s so many ways. Which should I try?” Should I use everything, only one approach or create a custom architecture from the possible picks out there?.
We take a look at the new CSS Grid system and compare it with flexbox to see which is the better layout building tool.

In less than one day, you can improve your billing form’s UX by adding some simple and useful features to your project. This article explains how.

Mandy Michael has been creating some incredible text effects with just the power of CSS. She uses every trick in the book: gradients, transforms, pseudo elements, shadows, and clipping paths to name a few. They are all real web text too. Custom fonts typically, but no images, canvas, or SVG or anything like that.
For beginners
We programmers can tend to make things over complicated, which in-turn leads to problems and chaos in the developing environment.
It all started last week. 3 different React learners encountered 3 different obstacles trying to use setState() in their projects. Eric mentors new React users a lot, and consults with teams making transitions from other architectures to React.

Avoid the negative side effects of flat design by clearly differentiating between clickable and unclickable elements.

Too often, we’ve seen others neglect accessibility because of some common misconceptions that make things difficult. In this post, we’ll debunk these myths, so you can easily create universally accessible content.

I ask myself "Am I still a Junior Developer?", and then I walk through how I can answer the question.

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