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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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CSS4 is here!
“CSS4” has no technical meaning whatsoever. All current CSS specifications have their own specific versions ranging from 1 to 4, but CSS as a whole does not have a version, and it doesn’t need one, either.
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Describing this release is particularly difficult - it contains core, fundamental changes, shipped together with new features born from their own usage.
Libs & Tools
Extensible, mobile friendly pan and zoom framework (supports DOM and SVG).
Create desktop applications
through a React syntax, on all platforms.
What CSS could I be writing tomorrow that might seem far-fetched today?
How TypeScript handles name clashes between types and variables

By using TypeScript's static type system, not only can we enforce (typically challenging things like) business rules and error states, but we can create a domain-specific language so well-defined that it becomes virtually impossible for any future code to be written that puts the system in an illegal state.
Ideally, the act of writing a unit test, running the test and seeing feedback via the outputted results should be a fast, iterative process for the engineer. This post will highlight how we have achieved this with our front-end JavaScript tests using Webpack and Karma.
For beginners
Learn JavaScript fundamentals through fun and challenging quizzes!
Hello from the server side
Whenever we execute a script, most often we do not think about what happens behind the curtains of our runtime. However, piecing together the bits and pieces to find out what is going on is pretty interesting!