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Dates and Times in JavaScript
JavaScript Date is broken in ways that cannot be fixed without breaking the web. As the story goes, it was included in the original 10-day JavaScript engine hack and based on java.util.Date, which itself was deprecated in 1997 due to being a terrible API and replaced with a better one. The result has been for all of JavaScript’s history, the built-in Date has remained very hard to work with directly.
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In this article, Rachel Andrew takes a look at some of the interesting CSS features that are making their way into browsers right now.
To help focus in on specific developer needs, MDN ran a follow-up survey in March 2020. This survey, taken by over 3000 web developers and augmented by post-survey interviews, aimed to uncover the specific pain-points the web developer community is having with browser compatibility. Check how the Google Chrome team is planning to handle these pain-points.
Libs, Tools & References
Malina.js is the new kid on the block. Check out this new Svelte inspired compiler.
React is a focused component library. So it has no opinion on how to request remote data. Check what your options are.
Check how the tailwindcss team built their new blog with the help of Next.js.
It was always complicated to flatten an array in JS. Well, not anymore!
This is your introduction to Parcel.js, the self-proclaimed super fast, no config web application bundler. Here's what you need to know.
For beginners
Check out this guide on how you can contribute to open-source projects with a large codebase.
Hello form the server side
Node v14 came with lots of new exciting features. Let's create an APM agent using the hottest new and experimental features 😱🔥.
A really nice effect that requires minimal CSS and Javascript.