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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Dear Developer, The Web Isn't About You
I’m here to talk to you about the single biggest invention in human history. Some might say that invention is fire, or language. Some might say that it’s the printing press, or beer (actually, maybe it is beer). Some might say it’s the invention of electricity, or THE MASTERING OF THE ATOM.

Some others, perhaps less drunk on beer and easily accessible literature, might say that it’s the Internet (lower or uppercase “I”). But no, this talk is about the invention of the World Wide Web.
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Tools & libraries
Color blindness affects approximately 1 in 22 people globally. Experience the world as they do, right from your browser.

Delightful, performance-focused pure css loading animations.

Tutorials & guides
Javascript Proxies are a new addition in ES6. It’s a powerful feature that can be used for solving various problems elegantly.

There has been conversation for some time regarding component sharing between React Web and React Native. Is it possible to write a single library of components and share them between both projects?
This blog post is a quick introduction to TypeScript’s notation for static types.
Chrome 66 allows web pages to use a secondary attached display through the Presentation API and to control its contents through the Presentation Receiver API.
Example of how to cancel a requests using AbortController

Wait, some people have said this. But I'd like to politely voice the opinion that they are wrong.
For beginners
The sooner you stop fighting the quirks of email, the sooner you can use them to your advantage.
Hello from the server side
How to use spawn(), exec(), execFile(), and fork()

CSS animations to make a cool 404 page.
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