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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Elegant patterns in modern JavaScript: RORO
 I now see in JavaScript what Douglas Crockford saw when he wrote JavaScript: The Good Parts: “An outstanding, dynamic programming language … with enormous, expressive power.”
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If you thought Vue couldn't possibly get any better, then you'll be shocked by Vue CLI 3. It's a major leap forward in both flexibility and ease of use. It provides your Vue projects with instant access to the best build tools from the frontend world, combining them seamlessly with sensible defaults. At the same time, Vue CLI 3 allows easy configuration and customization to fit your specific needs.

Over the last year and a bit, the MDN Web Docs team has been designing, building, and implementing interactive examples for our reference pages.

The Deque labs team has been working hard on some updates to the axe-core javascript testing library for 3.0 including support for Shadow Dom and web components, improved performance, and some new rules (experiment and best practices).

Tools & libraries
Oni: Modern Modal Editing - powered by Neovim

Tutorials & guides

Easing gradients supercharges linear gradients so they're a lot more flexible and you can say goodbye to hard edges.

Webpack 4.0, was recently released, and in this article Dmitry would like to share his experience with moving from Webpack 3 to Webpack 4.
Opening links in a new window is a generic method to navigate the users to another domain. We can achieve this using target=”_blank”. I’m sure everybody used the target with _blank value in some of his projects, but I’m not sure everybody knows the drawbacks of it...

Create new Angular 2 applications, scaffold components, run tests, and build for production with Jurgen Van de Moere's guide to Angular CLI
Eloy first mentioned React Native as an option for Artsy back in March 2015, and in February 2016 he made his first commit to get the ball rollin...
JavaScript has conquered the Web and made inroads on the server, mobile phones, the desktop and other platforms.
Meanwhile, the use of GPU acceleration has expanded well beyond computer graphics and is now an integral part of machine learning.
Copycats rejoice! Async Clipboard API is unblocking copy & paste in Chrome 66.
For beginners
As difficult as CSS is, every website in the world needs it and couldn’t survive without it. So here’s some thoughts on what’s bad and how to keep sane when writing it.
Hello from the server side
A story of what we learned while migrating

Super Mario World made only with CSS gradients - no JS, no embedded images/data URIs, no external images and using a micro HTML =)
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