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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Goodbye, Clean Code
Obsessing with “clean code” and removing duplication is a phase many of us go through. When we don’t feel confident in our code, it is tempting to attach our sense of self-worth and professional pride to something that can be measured.
Let clean code guide you. Then let it go.
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Why you should not assume your users will always have JavaScript enabled...
The margin between web apps and mobile apps is greatly reducing as similar functionalities between them increases. The advent of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) has a great effect on this.
Colin Bendell gets into the minutia of microbrowsers - the small previews of your site that are pervasive all around the web and through social media apps and search engines whenever an item of content on your site is referenced.
Craig Buckler reviews the art of creating printer-friendly web pages with CSS, showing how to retrofit them to any site, at minimal cost, without affecting or breaking existing functionality — delighting users and raising your site above competitor sites.
Learn how you can move your existing JavaScript project, step by step to TypeScript. All at your own pace and as much as you want. Even without doing any code changes.
Maskable icons are a new icon format that give you more control and let your Progressive Web App use adaptive icons. By supplying a maskable icon, your icon can look great on all Android devices. 
For beginners
When writing code for the web, eventually you'll need to do some process that might take a few moments to complete. JavaScript can't really multitask, so we'll need a way to handle those long-running processes.
Hello from the server side
Tracking down memory leaks in Node.js has been a recurring topic, people are always interested in learning more about due to the complexity and the range of causes.
Infinum ❤️ JSNation
We are teaming up with JSNation again! If you are interested in speaking at the conference, make sure to fill out the CFP. Also, make sure to check out their diversity program.

As part of the collaboration there will be some treats on our next JS Talks, so be on the lookout for more news 🙂