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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Why Bother Using React Hooks?
Everybody is talking about React hooks these days. Working with them requires a bit of a mindset change when you’ve been working with React component classes for so long. The React team specifically said that they will continue supporting classes, so why bother using hooks?
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So, you're working on a design. You need a full-width container element because the design has a background-color that goes from edge-to-edge.
It's "the inside problem" in web layout. It's not hard, it's just that there are lots of considerations.
Z-index is a CSS property that allows you to position elements in layers on top of one another. It’s super useful, and honestly a very important tool to know how to use in CSS.
Unfortunately, z-index is one of those properties that doesn’t always behave in an intuitive way. 
React Router and @reach/router are merging with a backward compatible, new hook-based API.
From the time it was announced, WebAssembly caused a huge buzz in the front-end world. The web community readily embraced the idea of taking code written in programming languages other than JavaScript and running that code in the browser. Above all WebAssembly consistently guarantees native speeds much faster than JavaScript.
Today's websites are packed with heavy media assets like images and videos. Images make up around 50% of an average website's traffic. Many of them, however, are never shown to a user because they're placed way below the fold.
What’s this thing about images being lazy, you ask?
Fluid typography gives us so many opportunities to better design the reading experiences on the web but, at the same time, it introduces problems of font sizes scaling uncontrollably and potential accessibility issues. Is fluid web typography ready to be used?
How web accessibility can make impaired people use your website.
For beginners
ES6 has brought several new features and methods into JavaScript since its release. These features have better improved our workflow and productivity as JavaScript developers. Amongst these new features are Object.freeze()method and const.