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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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How One Developer Recreated AirDrop Using Just JavaScript
This article goes through the architecture of how it was developed.
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Previously, security researchers found web skimmers (Magecart scripts) inside favicons, site logos, live chat windows, and, most recently, in social media sharing buttons.
"At first you go on your merry way and don’t notice any performance problems with these “blazingly fast” runtime CSS solutions. That is until you put a bunch of them on one page in Storybook."
"Let’s talk about how I built my React and IntersectionObserver-based solution."
A collection of beautiful and creative hyperlink styles that can also provide greater context and fit into your overall branding.
Here’s a scenario. You start a banging Kendrick Lamar track in one of your many open browser tabs. You’re loving it, but someone walks into your space and you need to pause it. Which tab is it? Browsers try to help with that a little bit. You can probably mute the entire system audio. But wouldn’t it be nice to actually have control over the audio playback without necessarily needing to find your way back to that tab?
For beginners
Ben Nadel attempts to burn console.log() CSS formatting into his brain by putting together some fun examples.
Topic of the week: CSS
An in-depth article on how to handle short and long content in CSS.
Follow 5 centering techniques as they go through a series of tests to see which one is the most resilient to change.
How to get position sticky working on a grid item without setting a hacky height.