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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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How the Roman Empire Made Pure CSS Connect 4 Possible
Experiments are a fun excuse to learn the latest tricks, think of new ideas, and push your limits. "Pure CSS" demos have been a thing for a while, but new opportunities open up as browsers and CSS itself evolves.
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Ant Design which is specially created for enterprise internal desktop applications, is committed to improving the experience of users, designers and developers.
Tools & libraries
Convert your links into beautiful previews.

A curated list of small, focused npm packages.

Tutorials & guides
Sam Joehl illustrates some best practices in providing effective alternative content that can benefit screen reader users.
I can tell at least that in 3 years, JavaScript will gain more the status of a VM and lose the status of a language...

When implementing accessibility changes, Mikey is often met with resistance—from designers, engineers, and more. Here's what he hears when met with these challenges.

React and Vue are rather similar, although there are some key differences which. This makes sense as Evan You, the developer of Vue, used React as one of his inspirations. They are much more like one another than they are to say, Angular or Ember.
Most popular front-end frameworks used for developing generic designs that facilitate rapid prototyping these days are Bootstrap, Skeleton, and Foundation. Among the three, Bootstrap handles the lion’s share leaving Skeleton, and Foundation somewhat a mile distance. 
For beginners
What’s the difference between Map and ForEach in JavaScript?

Hello from the server side
The issue of storing passwords securely is often overlooked. This blog post describes how a password can be stored securely even in the event of a breach.

In 2009, a new technology made its humble beginnings in the vast universe of backend development.

Animated Login and Sign Up. This Pen is base on the Dribbble shot made by Deepak Yadav

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