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How to do it wrong: third-party auth, aka "social login"
We probably shouldn’t store other people’s passwords on our own websites. Not unless we have the actual technical know-how, and the physical means, to guarantee a good level of security.
Luckily, we can rely on third-party solutions, like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or GitHub, to name a few. They take care of the authentication so we don’t have to.
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Node.js 8 is one of the biggest release lines from the Node.js community to date with features and add-ons like Async / Await and V8 JavaScript Engine 6.1. It is up to 20 percent faster than its predecessor Node.js 6 in typical web applications. An early tester found that Node.js 8 cut its web response by 70 percent
This is a major release containing new features and bugfixes. This release continues the teams focus on making Angular smaller, faster, and easier to use.
With the "Redstone 4" release - currently due in March or April 2018 - Microsoft will formally support PWAs as a key platform feature of Windows 10, matching and in some ways exceeding what Google has done in Android.
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Many modern web applications depend on JavaScript. When the complexity of your JavaScript increases, so does the maintenance cost. To improve the maintenance of complex JavaScript codebases, you most likely adhere to some clean code practices in your codebase.

Learn which methods you can use that will enable the naming of lines and even grid areas in CSS Grid Layout.
How does this work? Here’s the short version: it uses a combination of pre-rendered HTML, the CSS sibling combinator (~), CSS counters, and the :checked, :target and :required pseudo selectors. The rest of this post will go into more detail.
Netflix improved performance by deferring react on the client, but this doesn't reflect badly on React.
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A CSS course to turn you into a magician.
Hello from the server side
One of the most common debates surrounding modern web tech revolves around server-side rendering. Some people will tell you it’s absolutely critical, others will say it’s nice-to-have, other still will tell you it’s downright harmful. So which is it? Well, all three. Like everything else in programming and life, it depends.
STAR WARS Kylo Ren Page Preloader in CSS

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