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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Humans are Bad at URLs and Fonts Don’t Matter
"Want to make a meaningful difference to phishing attacks? Stop whinging about fonts and instead get people using an up to date browser that flags known phishing sites running through NordVPN with CyberSec turned on and authenticating to websites using 1Password."
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Libs, Tools & References
JSDB is an easy-to-use, in-memory JavaScript database for Small Web that persists to a JavaScript transaction log.
Numerous people responded by copying and republishing the contested code, including in some quite clever ways. Meanwhile, GitHub's CEO is "annoyed" as well, offering help to get the repo reinstated.
"Hi, I’m Michał. I live in Warsaw, Poland, 🇵🇱 where I work as a Staff Software Engineer for Sumo Logic ☁️. I also contribute to various open source libraries and am a Core Team Member of jQuery."
Even though the JavaScript engine manages memory for us, it's good to know what happens under the hood.
As a whole, web development has a real problem with honesty and rational thought. There’s a lot of pedantic nonsense promoted as good practice, based entirely on manufactured “truths” that aren’t based in any way, shape, or form in reality.
You would think that hiding content with CSS is a straightforward and solved problem, but there are multiple solutions, each one being unique.
It's a little overkill to always reach out for a third-party library to handle data fetching for simple use cases when you have a fetch. axios and apollo-client are terrific libraries for handling requests. The purpose of this article is to show you how you an alternative way you can make the requests using fetch.
"Although I use utility class framework Tailwind CSS for work, in some ways I am a reluctant user. I actively advocated for us to adopt it as a team, but there’s still something about it that doesn’t feel quite as good as writing “real” CSS..."
Hello from the server-side
Learn how to perform instant searches with NodeJS and Elasticsearch.
For beginners
Events don’t just happen on the element you apply them to. Instead, they go all the way down the DOM tree to the event and back up again. These phases of the event lifecycle are called event bubbling and event capture.
No 3D elements or transformations are used in this experiment, only 2D elements and some clever math to give the illusion of a 3D coin with real thickness. 😲😲😲