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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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My struggle to learn React
JavaScript is eating the world and the rest of the frontend stack with it. Those server-side languages people used to write in? Node. HTML? JSX. Styling? We do that in JS now too. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are three sturdy, capable languages that each have their own histories, nuances, and best practices.
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At the Build 2018 developer conference that's taking place these days in Seattle, USA, Microsoft announced support for custom JavaScript functions in Excel.

Tools & libraries
Libraries & tools for enabling data-driven user-experiences on the web
Tutorials & guides
While still only in Chromium-based browsers and actively being drafted for its specification, CSS Motion Path has grown up a bit in its three years since Chrome 46 rolled out the first implementation.
We were all introduced to the env() function in CSS when all that drama about "The Notch" and the iPhone X was going down.

The units in CSS are critical as we work with these all the time. You can’t build anything without using these so we must know the units properly.

Learn everything about JavaScript Regular Expressions with this brief guide that summarizes the most important concepts and shows them off with examples

Together with new automatic alerts when a user installs code with a known security risk, audit is a dramatic step to ensure the quality and integrity of the code you use, and protect the world’s largest community of open source software developers.
Pose estimation has many uses, from interactive installations that react to the body to augmented reality, animation, fitness uses, and more.
What if I told you your Webpack is doing too much work all this time?
Have you ever wondered whether it's possible to do anything on the web without JavaScript? How many sites use progressive enhancement in practice? Chris Ashton did an experiment to find out.

For beginners
Node.js is a JavaScript run-time environment. Sounds great, but what does that mean? How does that work?

Hello from the server side
What a mouthful of a title. Wouldn’t you agree? In this walkthrough you’ll learn about securing your Serverless endpoints with JSON web tokens.

A slighty different implementation of Keyframers version
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