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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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It’s funny how we find ways to overcomplicate things. It’s also funny how seemingly simple things can end up being crazy complicated. If there’s a moral to this story it’s: can you find a simpler way to accomplish whatever you’re doing?
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The new Microsoft Edge is now out of preview and available for download.
Chrome will move to a new technology called Client Hints, part of the newer Privacy Sandbox project.
In a new series, Rachel Andrew breaks down the CSS Grid Layout specification. This time, we take a look at how to use the grid lines to place items.
Even though Angular has provided us with plenty of built-in Decorators, you’ll most likely find yourself needing to create your own custom ones.
While it is still in development you can finally try React Fast Refresh in your Create React App project, without even ejecting.
There have been problems with the :hover pseudo-class ever since the first web browser was installed on a touchscreen device. Of course there were solutions, but none of those were the solution. With the new Level 4 Media Queries, this issue seems like it’s solved for good.
For beginners
Oftentimes, we want to limit the width of an element relative to its parent, and at the same time, to make it dynamic. In this article, we will go through the maximum and minimum CSS properties for width and height, and to explain each one in a detailed way with possible use cases and tips.
Hello from the server side
Mistakes we’ve made and the things we’ve learned while optimizing the performance of one of our Node.js services.