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Private client-side-only PWAs are hard, but now Apple made them impossible.
There is a huge opportunity for the creation of private client-side-only PWAs in the world but developers wanting to build such apps are in for an uphill battle against the status quo and now against Apple as well.

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What will be the fate of core-js, an open-source project relied upon by so many developers?
Ahmad Shadeed's in-depth analysis of the CSS auto keyword value.
Chris Coyier shares his collection of articles related to web performance.
In cases of emergency, many organizations need a quick way to publish critical information. But existing (CMS) websites are often unable to handle sudden spikes in traffic.
With a pandemic sweeping across the globe, Josh has found that his internet has gotten pretty choppy. In this article he is all about optimizing and using images on the web to save some precious KBs.
Let's look at how easily it has become to style browser scrollbars using only CSS, thanks in large part to a new W3C spec proposal: CSS Scrollbars.
This article takes a look at each part of Houdini, its current browser support, and how each part can be used today using progressive enhancement.
For beginners
A collection of common HTML DOM manipulation tasks solved with vanilla JavaScript.
Hello from the server-side
Craig Buckler presents a series of tips, tricks, techniques and tools for debugging a Node.js application.

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