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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here
With iOS 11.3, Apple has silently added support for the basic set of new technologies behind the idea of “Progressive Web Apps” (PWAs). It’s time to see how they work, what are their abilities and challenges, and what do you need to know if you already have a published PWA.
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In the news
In React 16.3.0, we are getting a few new lifecycle methods to assist with that migration. We are also getting new APIs for long requested features: an official context API, a ref forwarding API, and an ergonomic ref API.
Tools & libraries
A WebGL accelerated, browser based JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models

A functional, reactive animation library.

Tutorials & guides
Or just a nice MobX tutorial

There are quite a few reasons for someone not to want animations. Some people suffer from motion sickness. Some people suffer from ADHD. Some people simply don’t like the fancy woosh-swoosh.
This is post # 11 of the series dedicated to exploring JavaScript and its building components.

For anyone who isn’t already familiar with it, Google puts out a style guide for writing JavaScript that lays out (what Google believes to be) the best stylistic practices for writing clean, understandable code.
ES modules bring an official, standardized module system to JavaScript. With the release of Firefox 60 in May, all major browsers will support ES modules...

For beginners
Using this method, you can start prototyping by simply copying a HTML file. You don’t need to install Node.js, NPM and all the NPM modules that quickly make your small proof-of-concept page bloat.
Hello from the server side
Abstractions, no matter how small, can improve your code
Explore the planets and moons of our solar system in pure CSS. Not a single line of JS used throughout.

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