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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Should We Rebrand JavaScript?
There are several problems with the JavaScript name. Is it time to rebrand JavaScript? If so, what should we call it?
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If you read the latest version of the lists specification, it defines a counter as a special numeric tracker used, among other things, to automatically number list items in CSS.
The more serious the mistake, the harder it is to recover from without a complete re-write of the codebase. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes in this article.
Have you heard about “lifting state up”? I guess you have and that’s the exact reason why you’re here. How could it be possible that one of the 12 main concepts listed in React official documentation might lead to poor performance? Within this article, we’ll consider a situation when it’s indeed the case.
Container queries are always on the top of the list of requested improvements to CSS. The general sentiment is that if we had container queries, we wouldn't write as many global media queries based on page size. That's because we're actually trying to control a more scoped container, and the only reason we use media queries for that now is because it's the best tool we have in CSS.
Unexpected behaviour of the Web Share API when using the clipboard.
The latest HTML spec has a big number of new features and the plans for future additions are constantly growing.
A lot of people complain that grid is too complicated and that flexbox gets the job done.
At the end of the day, Grid does introduce a boatload of new properties and values, so yes, there is a learning curve. But flexbox is plenty complicated as well.
For beginners
The world of frontend programming is full of confusing jargons and we see a lot these terms getting thrown around.