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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Should you use CSS or JavaScript for web animations?
When should you use CSS for your web animations? Or when should you use JavaScript? Is one better than the other? Zell Liew shows how you can use both to produce smooth animations for your web site.

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In the news
AngularJS is planning one more significant release, version 1.7, and on July 1, 2018 it will enter a 3 year Long Term Support period.

One month till stable release!

Tools & libraries
Move an async function into its own thread.

Tutorials & guides
With preconnect hints, you can reduce request latency and make your site faster.

Do you remember being a kid, cutting out pictures from magazines? Did you glue them onto paper to create your own collages?

Have you ever experienced the pain of trying to get state from the top of your react tree to the bottom? This pain you're feeling is called "prop drilling" and it's super annoying.
Imagine you have a large, long-running project that contains hundreds of thousands of lines of code, contributed by dozens of developers across many different teams. Not only are you very, very likely to have unused CSS, you’re also likely to have completely dead code: entire features that have been decommissioned but whose code was never deleted; dead ends in the application that are quite hard to find; pages on the site that may be impossible for a user to reach, but whose legacy lives on.
Web Workers are in-browser threads that can be used to execute JavaScript code without blocking the event loop.

So if you’ve been in the JavaScript world for a bit, you’ve probably come across Gary Bernhardt’s “Wat” talk.

If you published a PWA or are about to release one, you must pay attention to the user experience and the issues you might have on iOS.
Because data is king, Rollbar collected, analyzed, and ranked the top 10 JavaScript errors. 
For beginners
Closure is one of those things in JavaScript that you read a lot about but never fully get.
Hello from the server side
Tips for developing and maintaining staging environments that will help you build more stable software systems.
Uh oh! There's a monster in my browser window. That cursor looks pretty yummy! This cute purple monster is made with pure CSS!
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