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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Simplified Fluid Typography
Fluid typography is the idea that font-size (and perhaps other attributes of type, like line-height) change depending on the screen size (or perhaps container queries if we had them). The core trickery comes from viewport units. You can literally set type in viewport units (e.g. font-size: 4vw), but the fluctuations in size are so extreme that's usually undesirable. Let's look at a technique for tamping the extremes, but it basically a one-liner now that CSS is evolving!
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Mozilla has launched a new developer tool in Firefox Nightly for macOS called Firefox Replay. The new tool allows developers to efficiently test their code. Cross-platform support will come later.
Libs & Tools
Human-friendly and powerful HTTP request library for Node.js

This isn’t a comprehensive guide to accessibility, but we’ll look at ways to avoid the most common accessibility errors identified by the WebAIM accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages, and the HTTPArchive 2019 Web Almanac analysis of 5.8 million pages.
Julie Grundy dives headlong into the snowy issue of customising form inputs. Nothing makes a more special gift at Christmas that something you’ve designed and customised yourself. But can it be done while staying accessible to every user?
Let's explore a few ways of moving an element along a path, including the upcoming CSS motion path module and the newly released GSAP3.
What is JavaScript? According to Wikipedia, it is a scripting language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification. ES6, ES7, etc… You probably have heard those names, you also have most likely been using ES6 for a while (with Babel in a lot of cases).
For beginners
Speaking CSS is like speaking English, or any other spoken language - there are many words, but you only end up using a small subset of them…
Hello from the server side
Node.js is changing in 2020, here are the updates to be on the lookout for!