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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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So, you learned JavaScript — now what?
First of all, congratulations — you chose wisely. JavaScript has evolved from being a “toy language”, “real programmers” laughed at into the language that powers the web and beyond.
For better or worse. JavaScript isn’t a perfect language- if something like that even exists. But it has a few things that speak for it.
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In the news
A few years back, a JavaScript survey would've been a simple matter. Question 1: are you using jQuery? Question 2: any comments? Boom, done!
But as we all know, things have changed...

Tools & libraries
It's React component that uses SVG to create loaders which simulates the structure of the content that will be loaded.

Easy to maintain open source documentation websites.

Walt is a JavaScript-like syntax for WebAssembly text format
Tutorials & guides
Laying out events on a calendar can be somewhat tricky. There’s a lot of looping involved just to place an event on the calendar. With CSS Grids, Jonathan wondered if he could take advantage of its auto-placement to accomplish the same thing.
When writing async functions, there are differences between await vs return vs return await, and picking the right one is important.

The simplest way to load a CSS file in an HTML document is to use a link element with rel="stylesheet". Referencing CSS this way works great, but it comes with a downside: it's synchronous...

"jQuery is outdated", "jQuery isn't relevant", "I think jQuery is dying out", "…forget about jQuery. It isn't good for anything anymore", "jQuery hasn't been relevant for years in my opinion, it's best to avoid a "career" that requires it"!
Alan Dalton takes a detailed look at WCAG on this UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Remember, Christmas is a time of good will to all, no matter if you have difficulty seeing, hearing, reading, or just have a very shiny nose.

If you receive security feedback from Troy Hunt, go ahead and have your security folks review the situation before attempting to claim Troy is in the wrong. It's probably going to be a good use of time.
The future is all about authoring your platform-specific code in one place (i.e. you can have your SEO code together with your rich client code in the same repo), but then having different parts of your app specialized for only one or the other.
For beginners
A closure is when a function 'remembers' its lexical scope even when that function is executed well outside it the lexical scope.
Hello from the server side
Since the arrival of node v 7.6.0 async / await has been supported in node by default. If you’re using Node 8.0+ there is no reason to not use async / await in your node applications. If you aren’t familiar with async / await or aren’t sure why you would want to use it over promises, here’s a quick rundown.
Mini CSS interactive Porg ...

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