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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The increasing nature of frontend complexity
The rise in frontend complexity stems from the confluence of three megatrends coming together to create a perfect storm.

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In the news
Next.js 5 focuses on greater extensibility, composability for large applications and performance

Tools & libraries
Minimal GraphQL client supporting Node and browsers for scripts or simple apps

Tutorials & guides
Using variable fonts in the real production context is tricky. Learn how we achieved it for the new Ampersand website.
A post on how to avoid caching your site in a precarious state with Service Workers
Accessibility in emails is getting more and more press in the past few years, which is a good thing.
CORS is a mechanism which aims to allow requests made on behalf of you and at the same time block some requests made by rogue JS.
Icon fonts aren’t perfect though, which is why a growing number of people prefer using inline SVG images. There’s one thing that remains absolutely impossible with icon fonts: multicolor support. Only SVG can do this.

Phone number links are a great feature but styling them to not show on larger screens can be an accessibility concern and detected by screen readers. Here's a useful tip on making the links both functional and accessible.

There has been a lot of scapegoats for Website Sameness™ over the years. The popularity of frameworks. Flat design as a trend. Performance holding back creativity. User expectations. Research telling us that our existing patterns work. The fact that what websites are all largely trying to do the same things.
In a world where JavaScript is arguably the most popular tool for building software these days, it seems like it's everywhere now. With node.js, it's on the backend, with Electron it's native on your machine, with React Native, it's native on your phone.

Even if you’re not sure about this and other ways of coding, there’s no point in ignoring emerging technology. If you know JavaScript, you’re looking at a few days at most to get started, and you can have an amazing app on the App Store within a week.
For beginners
JavaScript is essential to any advanced web app, so a strong debugger is a key part of the toolset. In this article, find out how the new Firefox JavaScript debugger can help you write fast, bug-free code.

Hello from the server side
I’m typically a frontend developer, but every now and then I find myself writing or maintaining some backend code. One of the most significant drawbacks I’ve encountered when switching contexts to Node is the lack of the Chrome Developer Tools.
Only CSS: up, up, never give up! :)

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