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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The Most Interesting Sessions from Google I/O for Web Development
Not everyone had the chance to watch the sessions live and even though you can get them in their YT channel, there are like a gazillion videos there, so its a bit hard to navigate.
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Yarn has made substantial improvements since its initial release 7 months ago and the project recently surpassed 1,000 Pull Requests. Currently, the authors are planning for the 1.0 release of Yarn which is scheduled for this summer and will come with stability improvements, new features and performance wins.
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Create web applications entirely by writing HTML and CSS!

Workbox is a collection of JavaScript libraries for Progressive Web Apps

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The landscape for learning d3 is rich, vast and sometimes perilous. You may be intimidated by the long list of functions in d3’s API…
Is performance your main concern with your webpack setup? Are you worried that your bundle is too big?
Then this post is for you!
Running QA tests for Segment’s UI was taking way too long. Sure, they had strong component-level tests for our UI kit. But to test their whole app they needed to painstakingly poke around looking for oddities.

For beginners
Read on for some great tips on how to use web storage APIs, and some of the best libraries and tools to use to get the most out of your web storage practices.

When CSS started out, there was CSS1 and CSS2 (subsequently, CSS2.1 and CSS2.2). So the impression is that CSS has versions, like software, which increment as each new version gets released. That’s not exactly how it works though...
With WebAssembly, it is possible to run code on the web faster. This article will help you understand what exactly it is about WebAssembly that makes it fast.

So why do sites add banners like these? The short answer is growth. Users who are willing to sit through a native app download, install, and ongoing update tax are likely to already be heavily engaged with a service.
However, it’s blindingly expensive to drive native app installs if you aren’t #1 in your market
Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors created using only CSS/Scss.

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