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"The Notch" and CSS
Apple's iPhone X has a screen that covers the entire face of the phone, save for a "notch" to make space for a camera and other various components. The result is some awkward situations for screen design, like constraining websites to a "safe area" and having white bars on the edges. 
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In the news
The team wants the community to upgrade and provide their feedback/reports. There will probably be a lot of initial activity which can be overwhelming so please be patient. They would appreciate the help in helping triage, write docs/upgrade guides/tips, and codemods to help others upgrade more seamlessly.
Sharing is caring. Chrome is running an Origin Trial to enable native sharing on the web.
Tools & libraries
Automated and continuous web accessibility testing
Log all assignments and the return value of a function with a simple comment
Tutorials & guides
When transforming an SVG image, browsers try to render on every frame to keep the image as sharp as possible. Unfortunately SVG rendering can be slow, especially for non-trivial images.
This seemingly “automatical” nature of freeing up resources is a source of confusion and gives JavaScript (and other high-level-language) developers the false impression they can choose not to care about memory management. This is a big mistake.
Despite the fact that all modern browsers can run ES2015+ code and natively support the features, most developers still transpile their code to ES5 and bundle it with polyfills to accommodate the small percentage of users still on older browsers.
This kinda sucks. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be shipping unnecessary code.
Treebo is India’s top rated budget hotel chain, operating in a segment of the travel industry worth $20 billion. They recently shipped a new Progressive Web App as their default mobile experience, initially using React and eventually switching to Preact in production.
There's a ton of interest these days in 'CSS in JS'. The premise is simple: CSS operates in a global namespace, which can result in undesirable side effects, spaghetti code, and extremely difficult to maintain codebases. JavaScript used to do this, and we fixed it by encapsulating everything in modules and using tools like webpack to stitch everything together. And hey look, our JavaScript tools can handle CSS too, why don't we move all of our CSS into JavaScript and encapsulate everything by module!

Andromeda music video has actually a simple scene. A background galaxy image moving from left to right. A sphere with a flowing texture that I’ll call it Saturn. And meteors dancing in the front. From time to time, when the music gets higher, a meteor comes from top left corner and crushes into Saturn and makes it glow brighter.
For beginners
Lodash is instant productivity kit when you’re working with javascript. A programmer uses functional utilities in his lifetime as many times as he blinks. Lodash comes with handful of befitting benefits to coders.
Hello from the server side
Starting with version 8.5.0, Node.js supports ES modules natively, behind a command line option. This blog post explains the details.

Modern devices in pure CSS
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