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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The State Of Pixel Perfection
Pixel perfection is a term coined by designers and clients as they request that their design mockups must reflect the design and be an exact copy of it. Should we pixel-perfect an implementation of a design mockup?
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Libs, Tools & References
Lightweight, stylish and ethical share buttons for popular social networks.
This article reviews the essential points you need to know about designing websites for screen readers in mind.
Still confused by closures? Fear not, Dan’s JavaScript Glossary is here to save the day.
A few weeks ago Chris Ferdinandi wrote an ode to HTML called Always bet on HTML in which he once again praises the benefits of HTML as a base for products on the web. However, these points are being made for the last 20+ years and developers still keep underestimating the benefits of starting with a solid HTML base. It is time to look at the reasons why people might be less enthused about HTML.
Want to know the difference between :placeholder-shown and ::placeholder and when/how to use this neat pseudoclass? 
How to get values from mouse movement and plug them into an animation.
"I was working on a project that required me pulling up the developer tools in different browsers against my personal website when I opened up Safari and noticed how drastically different the title of my page was rendering. It was extremely bold in Safari compared to the other browsers."
For beginners
The event delegation is a useful pattern to listen for events on multiple elements using just one event handler.
Hello form the server side
The author's build/dev tools and scripts used for Node backends.
Inspired from this dribbble post by Nathan Riley.