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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The Surprising Things That CSS Can Animate
When you think of animating CSS properties, which ones come to mind? Will recently started wondering about the ones that don’t come to mind — properties that aren’t typically associated with animation, but turn out to be animatable.
This articles explores some of the unexpected things that CSS can animate and some nifty things you can do by animating them.
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Libs & Tools
List any node_modules directories in your system, as well as the space they take up. You can then select which ones you want to erase to free up space.
A hands-on beginner's guide to what CSRF attacks are and how to prevent them.
Why is styling form widgets challenging?
Form controls were added to HTML in the HTML 2 specification in 1995; CSS wasn't released until late 1996, and wasn't supported very well by browsers for a few years after that. Browsers relied on the underlying operating system to manage and render form controls.
A Web with all the capabilities we need, while keeping software distribution SIMPLE. Let the vendors compete on user-facing features, like password managers, privacy controls, etc. But, let's have the most capable open source browser engine available so we can get the capabilities we need to ship software.
This is why Project Fugu give me a new hope.
With a new, lean core, and impressive mechanics of interoperability between the JavaScript code and the native code, the React Native re-architecture is set to see many performance improvements and a better developer workflow all-around.
While Enzyme gives React developers utilities to test internals of React components, React Testing Library takes a step back and questions us "how to test React components to get full confidence in our React components": Rather than testing a component's implementation details, React Testing Library puts the developer in the shoes of an end user of an React application.
This post is about a problem Ana encountered about a decade ago and, until recently, did not know how to solve in a smart way. Specifically, it’s about how she found a solution to a long-running problem using a modern CSS grid technique that, in the process, gave her even cooler results than she originally imagined.
For beginners
There is no direct way to decide between CSS grid and flexbox. Adding on that, there is no correct or incorrect way to use them. This article is a kind of guide that recommends using a technique for a specific use-case.
Hello form the server side
Have you been a Node developer for years, but have never come across Node Buffers? Maybe, you have come across the term a few times, but always shied away from learning what buffers are? You may have never actually needed to use buffers before. Node.js is not a language that forces programmers to deal directly with how programs manage memory. But if you are committed to going the extra mile to become an expert Node developer, you’ll have to grapple with concepts like buffers to understand how Node works under the hood.
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