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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Thinking in React isn’t enough
Are you struggling with the number of props in your components? Is adding new props your solution for a new use case?
Read on if you want to learn more about Reusable Patterns in React.
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Google has released as a Firefox extension, Lighthouse, to put their web auditing tools in the hands of more web developers.
Can you use WHATWG Streams for reactive programming? It seems so. But is it a good idea?
Layouts with diagonal sections are quite popular for several years now. You will probably not find it in the articles titled "Design trends for 2020". It is one tool designers can use to bring some dynamic to all the rectangular boxes with boring 90-degree angles.
Server side rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG) are two ways to create websites using a modern front-end stack (getting content from a server API) while preserving SEO friendliness and perceived performance.
How creating DevTools specific for your own app can improve your productivity.
Web workers, service workers, and worklets. All of these are what you would call “Javascript Workers”, and although they do have some similarities in how they work, they have very little overlap in what they are used for.
Fetch wasn’t abortable when it was initially introduced. the initial GitHub issue for aborting a fetch request was opened initially in 2015. There were also many attempts to solve this problem outside of the fetch spec like cancelable-promises and other hacks.
Don’t block the UI thread, don’t make the laptop’s fan spin, don’t drain the phone’s battery, etc. We traded better interactivity and “app-like” behavior for a new class of problems that don’t really exist in the server-rendered world.
For beginners
It’s one of the most used elements on the web. <button></button> can be used to activate certain interactions like showing data, open modals, submit forms... etc.
A collection of audio-visual treats.