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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Why I don't use Bootstrap anymore
For many web developers, Bootstrap is the way to go when you have to create a Website or App. But in the five years Codedgar has been making websites, he has found things that made him change his decision of using Bootstrap at all, and he has changed the way he creates websites almost completely.
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Libs & Tools
Make your site’s pages instant in 1 minute and improve your conversion rate by 1%
Maskable icons are a new icon format that give you more control and let your Progressive Web App use adaptive icons. By supplying a maskable icon, your icon can look great on all Android devices. 
Module workers make it easy to unblock the main thread by moving expensive code to a background thread while keeping the ergonomic and performance benefits of standard JavaScript modules. 
The void operator has historically had a few use cases. None of these use cases are particularly relevant to modern JavaScript, except for a new case that's been introduced with arrow functions in ES6.
You’re looking at a product online, and a day later see an ad for the same boots or whatever that you were looking at. This is called “retargeting”, but how does it actually work exactly in practice?
Browser support for native lazy-loading is currently limited but support in Opera and Chrome is good enough.
Implementing native lazy-loading is easy: simply add loading="lazy" to img elements. Awesome!
One of the biggest improvements to Angular coming in 9.0 is that Ivy is enabled by default. Ivy is Angular’s new renderer. A super high level overview is that Ivy enables apps to only require pieces of the render that they actually need, instead of the whole thing.
For beginners
CSS layout is not just one individual CSS property or even module. Everything on the web is a box.