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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The CSS Mindset
CSS can be difficult to grasp if you think about it in terms of a "traditional" programming language. There is a certain mindset involved that helps to understand why it works the way it does.
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Firefox premium will launch by October that'll have features like VPN (Virtual Private Network) and secure cloud storage. 
Libs & Tools
Pika is a project to move the JavaScript ecosystem forward. Find modern packages on npm. Get faster, smaller JavaScript bundles.
The annual survey about the latest trends in CSS.
In recent years, microservices have exploded in popularity, with many organisations using this architectural style to avoid the limitations of large, monolithic backends. While much has been written about this style of building server-side software, many companies continue to struggle with monolithic frontend codebases.
Web components are becoming increasingly popular but they have a number of drawbacks. In this article Adam will explain what those are and what he recommends instead.
Smaller bundles, faster compilations, Better debugging, dynamic loading of module and components and advanced concepts like Higher order components.
Breaking down some easy steps to ensure you are writing clean and semantic
For beginners
A short guide how to use the new Array methods.