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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Yes, React is taking over front-end development. The question is why.
Working with the DOM API is hard. React basically gives developers the ability to work with a virtual browser that is faster and more friendly than the real browser. React’s virtual browser acts like an agent between the developer and the real browser.
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The main PhantomJS maintainer is stepping down, believing everyone will eventually switch to the Chrome headless mode coming in the following weeks.
The Skype team at Microsoft are happy to announce that they are open sourcing ReactXP, a library that we developed for cross-platform development. It builds upon React JS and React Native, allowing you to create apps that span both web and native with a single code base.

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Prettier is an opinionated JavaScript formatter
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Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Trust the Compiler

In a nutshell, GraphQL is a syntax that describes how to ask for data, and is generally used to load data from a server to a client.
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Writing code is only one small piece of being a developer. In order to be efficient and capable at our jobs, we must also excel at debugging.

Our traditional idea of the top five browsers may be over-simplified, outdated and skewed.

When you download slack you're actually downloading a complete copy of Google Chrome. Chrome, at the time of writing is 15 million non-comment lines. When you download slack, 99% of the code is 'below the water'.
Trying to use SVG filters to replicate an effect similar to Hearthstone's golden animations, where a piece of an image is waving in the wind, alongside some jQuery parallax and CSS animation.
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