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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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A Love Letter to HTML & CSS
I see you. In the back there, behind JavaScript and React and PHP and all those “real” programming languages, I see you. And I appreciate you.
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Meet the new Sublime Text - it's faster and smarter than ever with hardware acceleration, Apple silicon support, and more!
Stackblitz is introducing WebContainers, a new type of WebAssembly-based operating system that boots instantly and enables Node.js environments to run natively in-browser.

Libs, Tools & References
Learn how the DOM Event system works through exploration
For some time there has been a memory leak on the website. How can we be sure? Let's see in the blog post...
Strategies to migrate your site from relying on the user-agent string to the new User-Agent Client Hints.
Vanity is almost always at odds with user needs. While a custom CSS cursor may seem flashy and fun, consider that it may present a significant, unnecessary barrier to accessibility...
Acronyms are always fun -- they're helpful for reducing the effort of saying out a full long-winded technical term, but they can also look like alphabet soup and be really confusing to newbies!
“Tree-shaking” is a must-have performance optimization when bundling JavaScript. In this article, we dive deeper on how exactly it works and how specs and practice intertwine to make bundles leaner and more performant. Plus, you’ll get a tree-shaking checklist to use for your projects.
For beginners
Ali Spittel's friendly guides to your biggest coding questions.