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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Comparing the New Generation of Build Tools
A bunch of new developer tools have landed in the past year and they are biting at the heels of the tools that have dominated front-end development over the last few years. These new tools aren’t designed to perform the exact same function, and each has different things they’re trying to achieve and features to get there. Despite their differences, these tools do share a common goal: improve the developer experience.
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Recently, people have been telling webmasters to add a Permissions-Policy header to their sites to opt-out of FLoC; these people don't seem to understand how the Permissions-Policy header works.
One of the ways you can classify a programming language is by how strongly or weakly typed it is. Where's CSS in this story?
Recently, Sentry converted 100% of its frontend React codebase from JavaScript to TypeScript. This year-long effort spanned over a dozen members of the engineering team, 1,100 files, and 95,000 lines of code.
This article explores the causes of overflow issues and how to solve them. It also explores how modern features in the developer tools (DevTools) can make the process of fixing and debugging easier.
Let’s look at the Fullscreen API in JavaScript. It allows you to do a pretty powerful thing: full screening exactly one particular element you want it to.
Accessibility is a critical skill for developers doing work at any point in the stack. For front-end tasks, modern CSS provides capabilities we can leverage to make layouts more accessibly inclusive for users of all abilities across any device.
Hello from the server-side
All supported versions of Node.js support ESModules now. Here's how to get started using them.
For beginners
Everything you need to know about creating, manipulating, and comparing strings in JavaScript.
Loads of people said "it can't be done" and....well it can't! However...