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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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istheshipstillstuck.com - Inside a viral website
Peeling back the curtain of running a viral meme website for 5 days. More details than you could ever hope for.
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Next.js 10.1 introduces 3x faster refresh, 58% smaller install size, 56% fewer dependencies, WebAssembly Image Optimization, improved next/image support, and more!
Libs, Tools & References
An ESLint plugin for writing better regular expressions.
How do we plan future-proof styles in a world with an infinite degree of device and user ability variance? Let's explore how things can break and how modern CSS provides solutions.
Every action we take on the web starts with a button click, and yet most buttons are ho-hum and uninspired. This tutorial builds an animated 3D button with HTML and CSS that sparks joy.
TypeScript generics can be confusing for beginners. This article explains why they are useful and when to use them.
Optimize the Jest worker count for faster test execution.
Dive into the concept that React Context API is primarily a tool for injecting dependencies into a React tree and how we can use that to improve the testability, reusability, and maintainability of our apps.
Learn about how cookie notices affect performance, performance measurement, and UX.
Hello from the server-side
🛵 The stylish Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda.
For beginners
"The blog post that is now called JavaScript: Pass By Value Function Parameters used to be called JavaScript Closures, but I soon realized that I was not describing closures, but something else entirely. I resolved to update this post and retitle that one. I'm halfway done with this. I just haven't had time to write a new blog post about JavaScript Closures, so thank you for your patience, and while you're at it, enjoy the original one. It's pretty interesting 😄"