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Meta Theme Color and Trickery
Meta theme colors work in Chrome, Brave and Samsung Internet on Android, installed PWAs in Chrome and now also in Safari Technology Preview.
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Let’s build a fully functioning and settable “analog” clock with CSS custom properties and the calc() function. Then we’ll convert it into a “digital”
This article will talk about the ongoing efforts to specify richer colors on the Web platform, plus some ideas about directions for future development on Blink/Chromium.
A simple way to create a link to save the file.
Learn how many different ways are there to store data on the browser side and which ones you should avoid!
In this article, we’re taking a closer look at different approaches and strategies on how we can migrate a web application that uses jQuery framework, and start using one of the coolest React frameworks in the market: Next.js.
In JavaScript, attaching an event listener to constantly fire a callback on scroll can be performance-intensive. But there is a better way with Intersection Observer.
There are some changes being proposed regarding viewport units, finally solving that "100vh in Safari on iOS" issue …
For beginners
React fragments provide a simple syntax to group a list of HTML elements without adding unnecessary nodes to the DOM. Here's how.