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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The failed promise of Web Components
Web Components had so much potential to empower HTML to do more, and make web development more accessible to non-programmers and easier for programmers. Or, that was the idea. Somewhere along the way, the space got flooded by JS frameworks aficionados, who revel in complex APIs, overengineered build processes and dependency graphs that look like the roots of a banyan tree.
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Libs, Tools & References
There's so many ways to speed up your site. Don't you wish every web performance tip was in one place?

This article provides a comprehensive overview of content delivery networks (CDNs). In addition, it explains how to choose, configure, and optimize a CDN setup.

"While working on my Debugging CSS book, I learned a lot about debugging and fixing CSS bugs. In this article, I will go through the process of fixing a bug from the root and explore some common CSS issues and how fixing them from the outside can result in more issues."
"If you do this in HTML it will consume 3x energy but if you do it in JavaScript it will consume 10x."
On how to become the worst developer on the planet.
This blogpost explains the process for analyzing the accessibility success criteria for websites and web apps.
For beginners
A series of articles that summarizes the most common attacks and explains the countermeasures every web application should implement.
Hello from the server-side
Applications, even databases come and go, but data is the most important part of the story. Usually, data is the purpose of the system exists in the first place. That’s why we should consider a database system not only as a black box to hold our data, but also a tool to verify and guard it against corruptions.