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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The Humble img Element And Core Web Vitals
Images have also been a key part of the web. They communicate ideas instantly, but they are also a lot heavier than text to load. This means that it’s essential to get loading and displaying them right, if you want to give your users a fantastic first impression.
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Libs, Tools & References
Collection of common CSS mistakes, and how to fix them 
Polyfill for CSS Container Queries
"A couple of weeks ago I was randomly checking the performance of a CSS Transition here on my blog. I was expecting to see a butter smooth animation but ended up surprised 😲. The transition was triggering repaint on pretty much the whole page every time it ran."
The CSS Working Group Editor’s Draft for Selectors Level 4 includes several pseudo-class selectors that already have proposal candidates in most modern browsers. This guide will cover ones that currently have the best support along with examples to demonstrate how you can start using them today!
This function actually gets useful when one or more of those color values is dynamic, meaning very likely it is a CSS custom property.
You can defer computationally-expensive operations until needed using an accessor property.
Hello from the server-side
How to enable and use ECMAScript 2015 modules in Node.js.
For beginners
Next.js allows the first-page load to be rendered by the server, which is great for the page’s SEO and performance.
Challenging ourselves to solve logical problems with only CSS and HTML can force us to spend quality time with some of the newish, programing-like features of CSS, such as custom properties and logical functions