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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The Mobile Performance Inequality Gap, 2021 edition
A lot has changed since we last estimated (2017) a global baseline for total page resource limits of 120-170KiB. Thanks to progress in networks and browsers (but not devices), the new baseline is much more generous: ~100KiB of HTML/CSS/fonts and ~300-350KiB of JS. But the devil's in the footnotes, and modern web development practices push the median page well above these guidelines.
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Libs, Tools & References
This article will introduce you to a collection of libraries for creating PDFs in Javascript, comparing their usability, Typescript and environment (Node/Browser) support,...
Learn how to identify and fix layout shifts. 
The web platform relies on the origin as a fundamental security boundary, and browsers do a pretty good job at preventing explicit leakage of data from one origin to another. Attacks like Spectre, however, show that we still have work to do to mitigate implicit data leakage. The side-channels exploited through these attacks prove that attackers can read any data which enters a process hosting that attackers' code. These attacks are quite practical today, and pose a real risk to users.
An open letter about accessibility overlays.
HTML anchors provide a ping attribute that can be used to send analytics information to defined URLs.
Hello from the server-side
How do you know if you're writing your async code correctly? And what happens if you're not?!
Topic of the week: CSS
File this under stuff you don't need to know just yet, but the :has CSS selector is going to have a big impact on how we write CSS in the future.
How leveraging CSS variable composition and HSLA colors helped me build a more efficient way to theme my apps and rely less on CSS-in-JS.
Using animations, transitions and smooth scrolling is fun, but they also represent an accessibility problem. Various groups of people have a hard time using your products when things move and change all the time.