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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Why We Didn’t Use A Framework
Find out why the team at MeetSpace decided to build their app without a front-end framework, and what the pros and cons of a frameworkless back end are.
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In the news
This release marks months of hard work for the young, scrappy, and hungry CLI team, and includes some changes they've been hoping to do for literally years.

Tools & libraries
Use the parts of normalize.css you need from your browserlist

node --inspect a file and open devtool url in chrome via chrome-cli.

Tutorials & guides
CSS filters offer an easy way to make color adjustments to an image or element and they do so in a completely non-destructive way.
I bet you have a style that you write CSS in, for the most part. You like 4-spaces, say. You always have a space after braces and colons.
At the beginning of an SVG file, the code often contains declarations and attributes like DOCTYPE, xml, xmlns, xlink, and version. Here’s when they are useful for graphics on an HTML5 webpage.

For beginners

Giulio Mainardi looks at event propagation in JavaScript. He examines event bubbling & capture and shows how they fit into the basic JavaScript event flow.

Popular movements like YouMightNotNeedJQuery.com and You Don’t Need Lodash/Underscore have challenged common industry practices.
This post is not as wild as, say, YouMightNotNeedJS.com, but it does elaborate on transpilation, and explains why it may not be as necessary in the near future.
Slack is transitioning its web client to React. When Slack was first built, their frontend consisted of established technologies like jQuery and Handlebars. Since then, the community has developed better ways to create scalable, data-driven interfaces.
Many modern JavaScript development tools are distributed through NPM and tell you to install them globally. For some packages it is okay to install them globally, but other packages are creating a future headache for you...

Hello from the server side
Debugging is the task to identify and remove errors from software applications, and is more than just printing out values in your code…

An interactive and modifiable depth of field effect applied to a set of HTML elements...

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