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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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Exploring the Complexities of Width and Height in CSS
"Let’s explore the complexities of how CSS computes the width and height dimensions of elements. This is based on countless late-night hours debugging and fiddling with lots of combinations of CSS properties, reading through the specs, and trying to figure out why some things seem to behave one way or another."
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"We’re announcing version 7 of the npm CLI is now generally available."
Libs, Tools & References
One of the biggest causes of layout shifts for clients is late-loading web fonts. Let's look at how to optimize them!
Lint CSS for browser support against caniuse database.
A performance case study of a React PWA.
What’s the best way to build React apps in 2021? What has changed since 2016? What libraries is everyone using these days?
A note regarding how the browser deals with clipping scrollable areas on the block-start and inline-start sides.
The color-scheme CSS property and the corresponding meta tag allow developers to opt their pages into theme-specific defaults of the user agent stylesheet, such as, for example, form controls, scroll bars, as well as CSS system colors.
For beginners
Scaling SVG can be a daunting task since they act very differently than normal images. Instead of thinking of SVG as images, let's change our mindset!
Hello from the server-side
This post is aimed to be a comprehensive “how-to” guide on setting up your own Node.js server written in TypeScript.